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StoneHill Media is a premium web design and software development company located near Philadelphia, PA. Established in 1995 and specializing in responsive (mobile-friendly) web design using the Bootstrap framework. Founded and managed daily by Kim Vigsbo, StoneHill Media is positioned to help clients in all aspects of bringing their business online.

Kim Vigsbo

Born in Denmark, lived in the US since 1994. Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. His plan was initially to work with industrial design, but ended up becoming a graphics designer and UX Engineer and started working for Microsoft as a designer.

These days, Kim works on a daily basis with responsive web design, as a designer, developer and a UX Engineer. Kim is a partner at Wharton University of Pennsylvania's Learning Lab.

Kim is the founder of We Are Fish, a Life and Business coaching program primarily for entrepreneurs with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, AD(H)D and OCD.

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