About Us

StoneHill Media is a premium web design and software development company located near Philadelphia, PA. Established in 1995 and specialize in responsive web design in general and in Twitter Bootstrap in particular. Founded by agency veterans and career technologists, StoneHill Media is positioned to help clients in all aspects of bringing their business online.

Meet The Team

Batman and Robin. Starsky and Hutch. Kim and Brian.
They are all creative and technically savvy dynamic duos!

Kim Vigsbo
Kim Vigsbo // Responsive Design Guru


Kim's focus is on the front-end design and development, getting the most out of mobile-friendly designs and keeping things simple. These skills along with his "can-do" attitude makes him a valued asset on any team.

Kim joined the Danish Army Special Forces in 1974 (working and training with Special Force units from other NATO countries) and after honorable discharge in 1980, Kim started working as a professional bodyguard.

While living in England, he earned a degree in Graphic Design. His plan was to transition from being a bodyguard to work with industrial design. However, as part of his ongoing civilian education, Kim became a UX Engineer and started working for Microsoft as a designer.

Just when the Internet became commercialized (1995), Kim formed his web design company (then named Vigsbo Solutions) and started to offer business websites.

These days, Kim works on a daily basis with responsive web design, as a designer, developer and a UX Engineer.

Outside Work

Kim owns and operate B2 Krav Maga, a training organization specializing in no-nonense and easy-to-learn self-defense.

Fun/Interesting Facts

  • Was born in Denmark

  • Raised German Shepherds for the Danish Police

  • Was a professional bodyguard for 25 years

  • Has been teaching Krav Maga for over 20 years

  • Has worked and lived in over 15 countries

Brian Moeller
Brian Moeller // The Programming Swami


With more then 15 years experience as a web developer, Brian thrives being knee deep in code and database work. His positive attitude, enthusiasm and sense of humor makes him a joy to work with.

Brian is a very keen front and back-end web developer with over 15 years experience. He jumped at the chance to work with a company web site as an intern back in 1997 as they started creating their first web presence.

He has been working on computers since they first came out, like back in the Commodore 64/Texas Instruments/DOS days. He quickly discovered that web development was what he loved and knew he had a passion for all things internet and technology.

Before joining StoneHill Media, he was a full time employee for FirstEnergy, a Fortune 500 company. He developed enterprise level web applications for the business and their customers over his many years there. He loves developing and innovating new cutting edge functionality and says, "If you can describe it, I can build it".

Outside Work

When he is not glued to the computer, he's spending time with his family, or just getting in a good workout (at B2 Krav Maga).

Fun/Interesting Facts

  • 5th Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate

  • Has a private pilot's license

  • Bungee jumped in the Swiss alps from a cable car

  • Played rugby in England while in College

  • Placed 4th in fighting for the US Karate Olympic Team trials. They take the top 3 :(

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